Physical Literacy for Communities—British Columbia Initiative

Physical Literacy for Communities-British Columbia

This community Initiative, delivered by the Sport for Life, seeks to improve the development of physical literacy in British Columbia, which leads to increased physical activity, positively impacting health and well-being. In total, the Physical Literacy for Communities–British Columbia Initiative will support 26 B.C. community projects over a four-year period in educating and activating local decision makers, increasing capacity by training leaders, and creating an environment to develop physical literacy in multiple settings and sectors.

Project Leadership / Mentorship

The lead applicant of each selected community has convened local sector representation and identified community partners / stakeholders.  Each community has been assigned a community mentor to provide expertise, facilitate meetings, guide the planning process, assist to set project milestones, create a community plan and report on progress.  The community leads and community mentors will also be supported by an associate mentor who will continue to develop their own mentorship skills and help to bring capacity-building over the course of the project. Mentors and associate mentors were selected by Sport for Life and participate on bi-monthly calls convened by Thomas Jones, the Physical Literacy for Communities–British Columbia Initiative Project Manager.

Resource Support and Professional Development Support

Sport for Life has created an extensive suite of online resources and educational materials / tools/ templates that are available to the mentors, associate mentors and the communities participating in this project.

Sport for Life is providing ongoing professional development training to mentors and associate mentors so that each will acquire the skills to become a learning facilitator able to deliver relevant project presentations and workshops. These include: Physical Literacy 101 (Intro), Physical Literacy 201 (Assessment), Physical Literacy 501 (Inclusive), Quality Physical Literacy Experiences and Indigenous Long-Term Participant Development.  Mentors and associate mentors will also hone their facilitation skills as they relate to collective impact and continuous improvement (Kaizen).

Community Selections

Since the launch of the Initiative in March 2018, Sport for Life has overseen the recruitment and selection of 26 applicants (from 42 applications) serving a total of 128 communities across all five health authority regions in British Columbia.




Selected communities from the 2018 Intake are:



Selected communities from the 2019 Intake are:


Selected communities from the 2020 Intake will be listed soon.