North Vancouver

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to be a physically literate, active, and inclusive community.


Our Mission is to:

To be able to create connections between various stakeholders in each community who can help provide information, share resources and direction on physical literacy.
Educate and promote physical literacy for all ages to encourage active for life.
Assist teachers, coaches and instructors in delivering quality programming for our young and old.
Engage the communities to learn about physical literacy and the impact and benefits of mental and physical health.
To encourage families to be more active and explore the communities they live in.

Example of milestones:

Co-host a Sport Summit (Shipyards area or similar location; registration through the Sport Council)
Update and modernize the Sport Council
Open up 'Community Day' for North Van families (e.g. hosted at Table Tennis Club)
Offer a month of Table Tennis for all (or a playday)
Initiatives through North Van football and North Van Floorball

Offer S4L/PL courses to staff, and extend to other sectors
In-house PL training for Rec staff
'Summer Awesome' event to showcase PL stuff this summer

Host joint PL101 build PL awareness through activity
Revive the 'Move More North Shore' initiative
Create PL circuit(s) in North Van (including stencils in schools and rec centres)
Focus on inclusivity and accessibility activities
Provide a list of PL-related books to the Chronic Disease team

More activities like the Feb 7th event
Activate at the 'Summer Awesome' event
PL training for teachers

Municipality and City Planning
Pursue 'Healthiest Small City' initiative (create a milestone and a policy)
Use local spaces more wisely (e.g. improved activation of Shipyards space)
Equipment and outdoor play parks (talk to Parks and Rec


Start date

June 20, 2019


Project reach

North Vancouver, Squamish Nation


Lead organization

Vancouver Coastal Health


Community partners / stakeholders

Vancouver Coastal Health
City of North Vancouver
District of North Vancouver
School District 44
North Vancouver Recreation Commission
North Shore Disability Resource Centre
Capilano University
BC Floorball
North Shore Table Tennis
North Shore Girls Soccer Club
North Vancouver Soccer Club
Squamish Nation


Sectors represented



For more information contact, Jo-Anne Burleigh at