Part 1

This module is intended to develop an understanding of why physical literacy is important and to learn how using physical literacy movement preparation as a warm-up can increase the durability and performance of athletes while decreasing their risk of injury.

Part 2

This module allows participants to become familiar with the physical literacy movement preparation program specific to soccer, including each of the five components and detailed explanations regarding the proper execution and progression of each exercise to increase athlete durability and performance while decreasing the risk of injury.


Gain a greater understanding of how to use the movement preparation program as a warm-up and how to effectively lead the session as well as provide feedback and correction to promote the development of physical literacy, leading to increased performance, and durability of athletes, while reducing the risk of injuries.

The workshop is applicable for coaches, teachers and recreational leaders delivering sport programs to participants aged seven years and older. The workshop includes 90 minutes of instruction, primarily completing tasks in small groups including on-field activity where participants both experience the movement preparation firsthand and practice teaching core components of the program.

Resources for this program have been developed in partnership with Canada Soccer as part of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015™ Legacy program with the financial support of the Public Health Agency of Canada.