The goals of Healthy Kimberley are to improve the health literacy of the people of Kimberley by removing barriers to, and expanding opportunities for: social inclusion, nutrition, physical activity, reduced screen time and “making the healthy choice the easy choice.”

Our long term goals of the PL4C project are to:

  • Educate and activate local decision makers, then build capacity by training leaders
  • Increase collaboration and develop physical literacy in multiple settings and sectors
  • Provide opportunities for all Kimberley residents, including persons from under-represented or marginalized populations, to actively participate in the initiative
  • To positively impact community health and well-being in Kimberley

The Healthy Kimberley Society (HKS) was formed in 2014 by a group of health professionals who felt that not enough government funding (about 3% of total health budget) is dedicated to disease prevention/health promotion.

To date a series of meetings and training have taken place to engage community leaders. The next steps are to spread the word across all sectors about the importance of physical literacy and generate excitement and value through a series of training opportunities that are being planned for the sport, recreation, health and education sectors.

Start date

March 2018

Project reach


Lead organization

Healthy Kimberley

Community partners / stakeholders

  • Healthy Kimberley
  • Go Kimberley
  • Kimberley Medical Clinic
  • Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy
  • Kimberley Seniors Helping Seniors
  • Kimberley Youth Action Network

Sectors represented

For more information about Kimberley, contact Shenoa Runge at