This project builds on work that began a few years ago with the leadership of the Kinesiology Program at the College.  The University of Victoria East Kootenay Teacher Education Program (EKTEP) started implementing physical literacy into various courses in September 2014 and partnered with School District 5 and viaSport.

Our long term goals are to educate and activate local decision makers as well as build capacity by training new leaders in schools, and public organizations involved in recreation, sport and fitness. We want to increase collaboration and develop physical literacy, as well as Movement Prep, in multiple settings and sectors

We also want to provide opportunities for all Cranbrook residents, including persons from under-represented or marginalized populations, to actively participate in the initiative, which will positively impact community health and well-being in Cranbrook.

We want to impart benefits of sports at all levels, not just high performance. Everyone should have an equal opportunity and be comfortable taking up any new sport.

Seeing folks who can’t function in life is concerning – prevention is so important. It’s Not just about being the best on the team but learning how to move. It should be like brushing out teeth, habit. As grandparents, parents, coaches and athletes we really recognize the importance of moving and being a role model.

This initiative started with physical literacy lunch hour games being offered by Kinesiology students and has grown into a school district wide opportunity for professional development. In addition, the City of Cranbrook Recreation programming and partnerships have expanded to include multisport programming and messaging, and work is being done to engage and unite the Sport sector through workshops and events that bring multiple sport leaders together.  The health sector is strong at the College level, with nursing, education and kinesiology students all learning to integrate physical literacy into practice. The next step is to engage the broader health community and leaders.

Start date

March 2018

Project reach


Lead organization

College of the Rockies

Community partners / stakeholders

  • College of the Rockies, Health and Human Services
  • School District 5
  • City of Cranbrook Community Services
  • Potenza Rehabilitation

Sectors represented

For more information, contact Sandi Lavery at