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Learn to Play Webinar – Helping Change Happen

Is change always resisted? By whom, and why? How can we gather and understand the perspectives of key stakeholders in support of change initiatives? This session provides an overview of organizational change and some reasons for resistance/acceptance of change. Roles of social networks, change-agents and leadership in change processes are discussed, and we develop some…
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Learn to Play Webinar – Learn to Play in the Early Years

Regular physical activity is essential for healthy child development and the early years are the best time to promote and encourage physical activity for children. This webinar will explore how to provide training to early years childcare providers so they can help children to be active enough for proper growth and development. The presenters will…
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Learn to Play Webinar – Parent Engagement

Often practitioners are looking for ways to engage and educate parents about quality sport, physical literacy, and Long-Term Athlete Development. This webinar will provide some strategies and resources to engage and help parents understand the added value of programs that integrate quality sport and physical literacy. In addition, a list of what good physical activity…
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The Aboriginal Long-Term Participant Development Pathway workshop is designed to help sport and physical activity organizations across Canada enhance their understanding about how to support Aboriginal participants and athletes in their programming. The workshop will spend time developing an appreciation of Aboriginal culture, and how that culture plays out in terms of engagement and sustained participation through…
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