Active Sudbury is a dynamic group of early childhood educators, professors, health professionals, and sports enthusiasts. Together they are increasing awareness of physical literacy among stakeholder organizations; providing training and creating a support system for coaches, educators, health professionals, and anyone else who would like to become a leader in establishing a healthier community through fostering physical literacy in Greater Sudbury.

These initiatives are made possible thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation and support from the Sport for Life Society.

Active Sudbury’s long-term vision is to create a community that understands and is invested in physical literacy, and ultimately, one that maintains active and healthy lifestyles, regardless of age or ability.

Start date

October 2016

Project reach

The City of Greater Sudbury / Ville du Grand Sudbury

Lead organization

SportLink Greater Sudbury Sport Council

Community partners / stakeholders

Sectors represented

  • Health
  • Education
  • Sport
  • Recreation and Community Agencies
  • Communications / Media
  • Early Childhood Education

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