Project Description

Physical Literacy for Communities (PL4C) Port Rexton is a group of partners working together from health, education, recreation, sport, as well as other relevant sectors  to advance physical literacy by:

  • supporting schools, health, recreation and sport, organizations and others in addressing specific, local barriers to healthy active living, and 
  • building community capacity through training and education that supports the development of physical literacy.

Start Date

PL4C Port Rexton initiative began in November 2022 and runs until August 2024. 

Regional Manager & Associate Mentor

The Atlantic Regional Manager for PL4C responsible for Physical Literacy for Communities in Port Rexton is Joe Doiron. The PL4C Associate Mentor leading efforts in the Port Rexton community is is Alicia MacDonald.

Community Partners/Stakeholders

The community partners for PL4C Port Rexton have each shown great leadership and interest in developing physical literacy in the community. Currently, they are:

  • Town of Port Rexton
  • Eastern Health
  • Port Rexton Recreation Commission
  • Port Rexton Church Lads Brigade
  • Vista Family Resource Centre
  • Bishop White School
  • Bishop White School Council
  • Otter Housing Authority
  • Port Rexton Brewery
  • Port Rexton Physical and Health Education leaders

Engagement and support from organizations across sectors is a top priority for PL4C  to ensure the various voices within the community are heard.

Sectors represented

Project Reach

This project aims to reach children, youth and their families in Port Rexton. The partner table is working together to involve schools, recreation and sport clubs, public health programs, family and community support programs, underrepresented groups, and others interested in improving health, social and well-being outcomes for children and youth in Port Rexton.


An active, healthy, and connected community

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