Project Description

The Physical Literacy for Communities Bromont project brings together a group of partners from the fields of education, sport and physical activity, outdoor activities, health and communications to develop physical literacy. The approach aims to:

  • encourage community partnerships and cross-sectoral collaboration,
  • Increase awareness of physical literacy among the target populations, and
  • help communities as they support physical literacy activities and increase physical activity in their communities.

Key Dates

The project began in June 2022 and will end in August 2024.

Regional Manager & Associate Mentor

The regional manager for Bromont is Mariane Parent, Project Director at Réseau Accès Participation (RAP). The associate mentor for the project is Alexandra Ayotte from Loisir et Sport Lanaudière.

Community Partners/Stakeholders

The partners for the Bromont community, which demonstrate dynamism and leadership on this project, are:

  • Loisir et sport Montérégie
  • City of Bromont 
  • City of Waterloo
  • City of Granby 
  • Centre de service scolaire Val-des-Cerfs 
  • Santé publique- Estrie
  • Bromont Montagne d’expériences 
  • Centre Marguerite Dubois 
  • CLSC Waterloo

The skills and outreach necessary for this project is only achieved given the extensive commitment and support of these organizations.

Sectors represented


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More Information

For more information, contact Mariane Parent: