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Learn to Play Webinar – Innovation Grants

The RBC Learn to Play Project funded community organizations to improve the delivery of quality sport programs and implement physical literacy principles. Projects with new innovative ideas emerged and have grown into examples of best practices for quality sport and physical literacy programming in Canada. Three of these projects will be shared on this webinar.…
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Learn to Play Webinar – Learn to Play in Schools

Physical literacy is as important to develop in school as literacy and numeracy. Through physical education, there are opportunities for students to learn and deliberately practice skills in an instructional climate focused on mastery. This webinar will share some ways schools and school boards from across Canada have embedded physical literacy into the fabric of…
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Learn to Play Webinar – Helping Change Happen

Is change always resisted? By whom, and why? How can we gather and understand the perspectives of key stakeholders in support of change initiatives? This session provides an overview of organizational change and some reasons for resistance/acceptance of change. Roles of social networks, change-agents and leadership in change processes are discussed, and we develop some…
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Learn to Play Webinar – Learn to Play in the Early Years

Regular physical activity is essential for healthy child development and the early years are the best time to promote and encourage physical activity for children. This webinar will explore how to provide training to early years childcare providers so they can help children to be active enough for proper growth and development. The presenters will…
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