Prince George joins the Physical Literacy for Communities–British Columbia initiative

Prince George has been selected as one of nine B.C. communities to take part in the province-wide Physical Literacy for Communities–British Columbia (PL4C–BC) initiative. The aim of this initiative, which is supported by the Active People, Active Places, BC Physical Activity Strategy and delivered by the Sport for Life Society, is to increase the physical activity levels of Prince George children and youth while developing their physical literacy.

The objective of Physical Literacy for Communities–British Columbia is to educate and activate local decision makers, build capacity by training leaders, and create the environment to develop physical literacy in multiple settings and sectors resulting in a positive impact on community health and well-being. This initiative provides targeted funding of up to $50,000 over a two-year period, along with mentorship and support toward the collaborative design and multi-sector development of physical literacy. The key phases of the initiative are Educate, Train, and Mentor. Engage Sport North will lead this project with the support of several community partners from across the sport, recreation, health, education, government, and media sectors.

“The Physical Literacy for Communities–British Columbia initiative encourages community partners to work together to promote physical literacy experiences, while enriching and building capacity in Prince George around the delivery of physical literacy programming,” says Neil Sedgwick, Women’s Soccer Head Coach for the University of Northern British Columbia, and Physical Literacy for Communities–British Columbia Community Mentor.

“We’re dedicated to advancing sport participation and excellence in the north, and the development of physical literacy is such an important part of this,” says Mandi Graham, Executive Director of Engage Sport North, and Physical Literacy for Communities–British Columbia Community Mentor. “This initiative engages our partners to consider physical literacy development across all sectors.”

“When people develop physical literacy, they are much more likely to lead active, healthy lifestyles,” says Richard Way, Sport for Life CEO. “We are pleased to see that Prince George is invested in making this a priority for its children and youth, and we are excited to work with its community stakeholders to make physical literacy a reality for all.”

Physical Literacy for Communities

Physical Literacy for Communities is a Sport for Life project. The goal is to unite the five key community sectors of recreation, education, health, sport, and media to improve the quality of physical, cultural, intellectual, social, and mental health in Canada. The goal of this messaging is to create a welcoming environment for any and all new collaborators. Health and physical activity is for everyone.

For more information contact:

Nick Hastie, Coordinator of Physical Literacy

Tyler Laing, Communication Coordinator