About Us

Physical Literacy for Life (PL4L) is a registered charitable organization focused on developing physical literacy throughout the lifespan in multiple settings and sectors.  Affiliated with the Sport for Life Society, Physical Literacy for Life is proactively advancing physical literacy knowledge and implementation in the health, recreation and education sectors.

Physical Literacy for Life ’s purpose is to develop physical literacy in all people so they are more confident, competent and motivated to participate in physical activity and quality sport by:

  • educating and training leaders, organizations and institutions
  • facilitating assessment and research
  • developing innovative resources, tools, programs and services
  • impacting individuals, families and communities

Physical Literacy for Life believes through developing physical literacy we can:

  • build leader capacity
  • share promising practices
  • enrich community systems
  • create the conditions for everyone to enjoy physical activity
  • improve health outcomes
  • Inclusive
  • Innovative
  • Collaborative
  • Evidence-based