School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy project

The School Physical Activity and Physical Literacy project is a multi-component school based health promotion initiative for B.C. elementary schools. The project seeks to increase minutes of physical activity during the school day, improve physical literacy, support mental well-being, and support students to learn and care for their physical and mental health.  The project components will focus primarily on building the capacity of B.C. elementary school educators to increase their confidence and competence in delivering the Physical and Health Education curriculum and providing quality physical activity and physical literacy opportunities at school. This includes the development and implementation of an approach to supporting educators working within First Nations schools.

The project will provide both in-person and online professional development opportunities, including workshops, webinars, eLearning, in school support and summer institutes. In addition, classroom and school resources will be provided to educators and made available online. The project is being prototyped across a diverse subset of school districts and schools in B.C starting in Spring 2020.



PLAYBuilder was constructed to give organizations a simple solution for creating and sharing lesson plans that support physical literacy development and to provide happy, healthy lives through quality sport. We are excited to bring PLAYBuilder to the public after more than two years of development.


Through our online campus learners will be able to access courses anywhere, anytime without geographic limitation, travel, or need to take time away from work to complete. The self-paced learning in the courses enables participants to learn at the rate best for them. Start or continue your learning about physical literacy, quality sport and Long-Term Development through the online campus.


Sport for Life developed 24 resources in the past five years that are available on our website to anyone at any time. Each resource is meant to educate our audience and help them deliver quality sport and physical literacy programming.