Project Management

We design and lead various projects that advance the delivery of physical literacy programming. Our team consists of experts from many backgrounds, and the projects we lead range in focus and scope. Below is a list of the projects we are currently involved with as well as projects we have delivered.

If you would like to learn more about these projects or if you would like to hire us to lead a project within your organization or community, email us at

MCV Sport Academy in Egypt

Sport for Life is advising on a Kindergarten through Grade 12 sport academy built from the ground up on all of the principles and best practices of physical literacy and Long-Term Athlete Development.

Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees - CANOC

Using a combination of in and out of country consultations, Sport for Life Society is working with local officials and sport leaders to create, implement, and monitor sport specific and country specific Long-Term Athlete Development frameworks.

Physical Literacy Curriculum Development in Andhra Pradesh

Sport for Life (Canada) in conjunction with Training Excellence and Sports for Life India are revamping the physical education curriculum for the state of Andhra Pradesh.