Portfolio Category: Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth (PLAY)

Physical Literacy in Canada: Tools for Assessment

Physical Literacy in Canada: Tools for Assessment As Canadians, we have three comprehensive Canadian assessment tools. These are designed to help assess various aspects of physical literacy, each of which is targeted to specific groups to create a seamless system for enhancing the physical literacy of our children and youth. Download here
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PLAYself PLAYself is a self-evaluation used by the child to determine their perception of their own physical literacy. Download here
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PLAYparent PLAYparent should be filled out by a parent of a child aged seven and up. This assessment provides one perspective of a child's level of physical literacy, while the other PLAY tools provide perspectives from trained professionals: coaches, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, exercise professionals, and individuals trained in movement analysis. Download here
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PLAYfun PLAYfun assesses key movement skills performed by the child. The tool itself is made up of 18 tasks that cover the child's physical abilities. Each ability is graded on a four-point rubric with the following categories: Initial, Emerging, Competent, and Proficient. Download here
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