Our webinars are crafted to examine specific topics within physical literacy and community engagement. Delivered by physical literacy experts and/or our partners with expertise in the given topic, these webinars will highlight research, best practices, and experiences that will inform and educate various audiences in the work they do. Ultimately, these webinars aim to advance physical literacy awareness, education, training, and mentorship for scalable programming within facilities, clubs, organizations, communities, and nations.


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Past Webinars


Parent Engagement - May 8 2017

This webinar will provide some strategies and resources to engage and help parents understand the added value of programs that integrate quality sport and physical literacy.

Learn to Play in the Early Years – June 8 2017

This webinar will explore how to provide training to early years childcare providers so they can help children to be active enough for proper growth and development.

Helping Change Happen – July 18 2017

This session provides an overview of organizational change and some reasons for resistance/acceptance of change.

Innovation Grants – September 19 2017

Projects with new innovative ideas emerged and have grown into examples of best practices for quality sport and physical literacy programming in Canada. Three of these projects will be shared on this webinar.

Learn to Play in Schools – October 12 2017

This webinar will share some ways schools and school boards from across Canada have embedded physical literacy into the fabric of their school community.