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Indigenous Peoples

The Situation in Canada Sport means different things to different Indigenous people and groups. For many Indigenous people, the primary purpose of sport is to build self-esteem among youth. Sport and physical activity gives youth a sense of purpose and direction, and in some cases, helps them to engage in more appropriate activities during their…
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The situation in Canada Kids who have fun playing a sport or taking part in physical activity are more likely to stay active and healthy for their entire lifetime. They are likely to develop a higher level of physical literacy and also have a better chance to pursue excellence in sport. Designed properly, children’s sport…
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How To Create Quality Experiences In Sport And Activity (3)

Everyone Included And Participant Centered When I’m coaching and leading activity programs, I find that I’m often working with kids and youth who have a wide range of skills and development. It can make it tricky for me to design practices that are interesting and challenging for all of them. Sometimes I set up activity…
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