Movement Preparation

As part of the FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015™ Legacy, Canada Soccer will be moving forward with a project to implement the FIFA 11+ conditioning program for children aged 14 years and over, and the Sport for Life Movement Preparation program for children aged seven years and older, in all Canada Soccer clubs across Canada.

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Physical literacy movement preparation is movement that focuses on incorporating and improving fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills into activity. It prepares the body for movement and enhances the way you move for short-term and long-term benefits.

This is preparation for the present and future. Typically, a warm-up only engages muscles and prepares your body for activity. But you can do more when preparing for movement...

The Movement Preparation Session not only prepares the body for movement, it also improves the way you move, which reduces the risk of injury during physical activity. It also teaches skills that will benefit participation in unfamiliar activities.

Movement preparation that’s geared toward physical literacy – focusing on the techniques that improve and incorporate fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills – can also foster a more physically active and healthy lifestyle.

From the workshop, coaches will gain a greater understanding of how to use the movement preparation program as a warm-up and how to effectively lead the session as well as provide feedback and correction to promote the development of physical literacy, leading to increased performance and durability of athletes, while reducing the risk of injuries.

The workshop is applicable for coaches, teachers and recreational leaders delivering sport programs to participants aged seven years and older. The workshop includes two hours of classroom instruction, primarily completing tasks in small groups, and four hours of on-field activity where participants both experience the movement preparation firsthand and practice teaching core components of the program.

Thanks to the generous support of the Public Health Agency of Canada and Canada Soccer, it is possible to host a workshop in your community. Through funding from the FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015™ Legacy, local organisations can host FIFA 11+ Injury Prevention Warm-Up and Sport for Life’s Physical Literacy Movement Preparation coach workshops at no cost.

Funding from the project will cover the cost of:

  • Workshop materials (Activity card keychains and workbooks) for all coaches
  • Instructor facilitation costs
  • Instructor travel for events within 100km of major metropolitan centres; for workshops outside of this radius, travel costs may apply.

To be eligible, a minimum of 12 participants are required. Should 24 or more participants be anticipated, a second instructor will be assigned and additional field space will be required.

Hosts are responsible for providing:

  • Classroom space (two hours)
  • Flipcharts and markers
  • Field or gym space (four hours) (minimum space 15m x 15m)
  • 40 collapsible cones
  • Two agility ladders (if available)
  • Encouraged to provide lunch

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  • Children become better athletes
  • Children strengthen their bodies through increased participation in physical activity
  • Children prepare their muscles for immediate activity and develop the skills and confidence to safely participate in unfamiliar activities
  • Children acquire the skills, confidence and motivation to overcome challenges.

…because they’re developing physical literacy.


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