Welcome to the Sport for Life-RBC Learn to Play webinar series. Each webinar in this series will be available to all RBC Learn to Play grant recipients. Click on the webinars below to register. Once the webinars have been completed, you can then click on the webinar link to access the recording. The slide deck will be available below the link.

Each webinar will take two hours. The first hour will consist of content delivery from the webinar facilitators, while the second hour will feature a Q&A with past and current Learn to Play grant recipients on a current topic.

We encourage interaction during the webinars via the chat box, as well as discussion before and after the webinar on the Sport for Life Communities Facebook page.


Webinar Series 2015-2016


  1. Capacity Building Supports – October 1, 2015; 11am-1pm EST
    View the slide deck here.
  2. Physical Literacy and Quality Sport: The What, Why and How of activating physical literacy through your Learn to Play project – November 12, 2015; 1pm-3pm EST
    View the slide deck here.
  3. Engaging YOUR Grassroots in Physical Literacy: Growing the PL Movement from the Bottom-Up – January 14, 2016; 1-3pm EST
    View the slide deck here.
  4. Physical Literacy Opportunities in Northern Canada - March 2, 2016; 3-4pm EST
    View the slide deck here.
  5. Programming for Physical LiteracyApril 21, 2016; 1-3pm EST
    View the slide deck here.
  6. Assessing Physical Literacy – May 10, 2016; 11am-12pm EST
    Hear the Q&A component here.
    View the slide deck here.
  7. Integrating Physical Literacy into Summer Camps – June 16, 2016; 1-2pm EST
    View the slide deck here.
  8. Creating a Physical Literacy-enriched Summer Camp Environment – July 6, 10:30am-11:30 am EST
    View the slide deck here.
  9. (CANCELLED) Now that You're a Physical Literacy Champion – August 25, 2016; 1-3pm EST. 
    Content will be merged with Sept 29th webinar.
  10. Successes and Next StepsSeptember 29, 2016; 1-3pm EST
    View the slide deck here.