Physical Literacy for Communities

PL for Community

The new generation is at risk of a shorter life span than their parents if we don't act now. The risks are: poor quality of physical, cultural, intellectual, social and mental health.

The solution

Bringing together community leaders - to lead


The solution we’re proposing is alignment of five key community sectors, cooperating to deliver the what / why and how of physical literacy. The solution is supporting national, provincial and municipal stakeholders supporting knowledge transfer and implementation of Physically Literate Communities.

Aggregating years of sectoral program, product, service knowledge to provide a clear, concise, intentional healthy community pathway.

The physically literate community

A community where all our parents, teachers, coaches and practitioners are informed and supported. A community where all our seniors are vibrant active. A community where all our children feel healthy, happy and thriving. It takes a community to raise a physically, socially, intellectually, mentally and emotionally healthy child.

Is your community ready to earn their physically literate community designation?

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