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Appetite to Play

Supporting Physical Activities and Healthy Eating in the Early Years What is Appetite to Play? Physical activity and healthy eating in early childhood (0-5) is important for healthy child development and setting the stage for lifelong healthy behaviours. Appetite to Play is designed to support early years providers promote and encourage physical activity and healthy…
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People with Disabilities

 The situation in Canada Approximately 14% of Canadians have a sensory, intellectual or physical disability, and some of these persons may have more than one disability. Canada has been recognized for achieving outstanding success in Paralympic sport, Special Olympics, Deaflympics, and other sports for athletes with disabilities, but there are concerns that systemic factors continue…
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Aboriginal Peoples

The Situation in Canada Sport means different things to different Aboriginal people and groups. For many Aboriginal people, the primary purpose of sport is to build self-esteem among youth. Sport and activity gives youth a sense of purpose and direction, and, in some cases, helps them to engage in more appropriate activity during their free…
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Women and Girls

The situation in Canada The number of women and girls participating in regular physical activity, recreational sports and elite competitions has increased rapidly in the last few decades. This is significant considering the fact that no women participated in the first Olympic Games back in 1896. Women and girls, however, who account for more than…
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